Friday, October 18, 2019

(educatio)culture geography of childhood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

(educatio)culture geography of childhood - Essay Example onal researchers have mentioned culture and tradition play a vital role in acquisition of values, knowledge, beliefs, behaviours and expectations of a child’s life. Eminent psychological and learning theories such as social constructivism and cognitive theory underlines the significance of social or family interaction in character formation and learning. By Barbara M. Newman, Philip R. Newman remark; â€Å"Vygotsky considered the nature of reasoning and problem solving as culturally created.† (Newman & Newman 2008, p.60). This photographic essay the researcher investigates the role of culture and tradition in a person’s character formation and learning. The selected photograph is about a boy named Aissa from an Algerian Islamic family. The photographic essay reveals a story or evokes a sequence of emotions in the mind of the reader which discuss cultural beliefs and traditions of a child. The first set of the photographs reveals that the boy Aissa is very frankly mingled with his family members and one can easily find his positive attitudes towards his parents. The boy keeps a healthy relationship with his family members. The given image (figure1and 2) also expresses the boy has developed good and excellent personality because he respects all members of his family and his society. Erich Fromm, Michael Maccoby assert;† Village parents are serious about obedience, and they feel that to be playful for or to show enthusiasm about the child at this age would undermine respect.† (Fromm & Maccoby 1996, p.189). The boy in this photograph is a member of a conservative Islamic Algerian family and this picture shows the cultural and religious background of the family. The given photographs help the viewer to reach the idea that the boy has followed and sustained a structured behaviour and it also reveals the characteristics of his culture and tradition which follow the habit of respecting others. Don Tinkler argues that â€Å"Of major importance in the development of

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