Saturday, October 5, 2019

International HR Management in Australia and India Case Study

International HR Management in Australia and India - Case Study Example Startup IT Company, which has recently established a subsidiary in India (New Delhi), has various options that can be followed to attract candidates for the different job position both internally and externally. Accordingly, the company is looking forward to attract candidates for different job positions listed as five senior executive, fifteen line managers, supervisors for two call centers, thirty staffs divided in to two groups for dealing with customers and suppliers and fifty assembled line workers. It is to be noted that the senior managers will be recruited from Australia while other professionals can be recruited from India. Accordingly, each job position has specified job description which shall facilitate in executing the recruitment and selection process more effectively. In order to ensure that right person is placed for the right job position, the company has the two major options of internal and external workforce for imbibing considerable talent within the organization . Additionally, internal and external recruitment processes shall provide the company with the opportunity to meet its needs for recruiting and selecting potential talents inconsistent with the job description and specification. One of the most suitable options available with Startup IT Company for targeting potential candidates can be related with its internal recruitment prospects facilitated with skilled labor force. It is worth mentioning that targeting candidates internally poses significant benefits. to the company. Responsively, the company will be able to save considerable amount of finance if the company follows internal recruiting. In addition to finance, the company will also be able to save considerable amount of time generating greater employee satisfaction and morale (Briggs, 2007). Some of the basic tools that the company can use for targeting candidates have been illustrated as follows. Promotions and Transfer It is worth mentioning that promotion and transfer is a vital tool for recruiting candidates internally. Contextually, Startup IT Company can take promotion and transfer as an important tool for recruiting candidates internally. The company can promote managers as senior executive on the basis of their capability and the past performances. It can also have the option to transfer managers from hone country i.e. Australia to India in order to assign them with the task of a senior executive (Ferner & et. al., 2005). Employee Referrals Employee referrals can be regarded as another important tool available to Startup IT Company to fill the vacant positions. The organization can recruit staffs on the basis of

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