Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Annotated Refernces list final

Organizational and media stress among professional football players: Testing an Achievement Goal Theory Model This article includes a study that was to investigate media and coach- athletes stress that would be experienced by the professional football players by examining or testing the goal theory model. The study was about 82 football players that had to complete some questionnaires. In conclusion the study shows that the coaches of the professional football players are advised to reduce the emphasis on performance that would reduce the stress.The information in this article is objective because it was all based on some issues that happened with professional football players. The goal of this article would be showing how much these players receive. Hint the article would be useful for me in writing the paper. The article relates very much to my topic which is about stress for athletes, so I will be able to write more about what causes these athletes to have stress. Stress-Related B reathing Problems: An Issue for Elite Swimmers The article talks about a problem that elite swimmers might have stress because of breathing problems.The article showed a study that number of swimmers who have this problem is increasing. The study in the article showed 24 elite swimmers in two different swim clubs in Norway. The study explains that swimmers Will have breathing problems when they have higher intensity in their workouts and going to school above that would cause more stress in their daily life. I believe that that information is all objective because the article showed a study that occurred to some swimmers.

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