Thursday, July 25, 2019

Global Trade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Global Trade - Essay Example th reference to the guardian, the governments will be in a position to pass international restrictions that protects domestic industries (The Guardian, pp. 1-3). Furthermore, the governments will be promoting national security. It will be a means of implementing a foreign policy targeting enemy states. According to Reimer, by intervening in trade, the governments are trying to adhere to the strategic trade policy (Reimer, pp. 1-50). By encouraging domestic employment, governments may raise their tariffs to influence trade. Additionally, they may use the strategic policies to mitigate influences of big corporations. It will be assisting growing companies domestically. Governments may raise taxes on goods that trade with enemy country to implement their foreign policies (Reimer, pp. 1-50). Trading in the past mostly dwelt in trade politics. Nowadays international trade has advanced and trade laws have replaced trade politics. Additionally, trade has transformed gradually till nowadays countries trade with a body called World Trade Organization supervising the activities. According to Pauwelny, trading system has developed from power based to rules based trade (Pauwelyn, pp. 1-20) Poverty is an issue that affects current global trading. The major cause of poverty is structural adjustments by the World Bank. Additionally, the loans to third world country are another issue in trade. The loans undermine developments and reduce trade

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