Friday, November 1, 2019

Human Nature Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Human Nature - Essay Example On the other side, the USA marines want to attack the Japanese while on they are on the island and drive them into the sea (William 497). The USA marines and Japanese have similar plans, but the results are different, eventually the USA wins. This helps answer the question, because according to William Manchester, humans in the community are close and helpful together, it is difficult to know the enemies. Humans in nature have hatred, and they result to destruction. Further, human nature is, considering thoughts that go around the human mind, mostly being thoughts to cause destruction as studied and written by expert writers. Hoagland considers experiences involving suicide; he explains that men as compared to women are vulnerable to suicidal thoughts, as suicide helps men avoid life and the harshness that life offers. Arrogance and competition among men make them think of committing suicide; otherwise the same men are always holding their emotions back and taking pretence that suicidal thoughts are not running through their mind. Hence shows that humans in nature strive so hard to do destruction, and then when back to their being, strive harder to take them back and take pretence that they have no detrimental thoughts (Edward 507). From lessons of World War II, nations of the world still strive so hard to make weapons that are destructive to human beings, but their human nature tells them that it is the right thing to do. In accordance to Hoagland, as human beings get old, the more the pressure in life, thus opting to commit suicide, surprisingly with the same weapons they struggled so hard to make. Thus on bases of the two readings, human nature involves always striving to cause destruction to their own kind. Thus, forming a thesis on the human nature from the objective point, of which it is ending hope, is the filling of unifying

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