Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Music and Mind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Music and Mind - Essay Example The infographic laid out on two axes. The horizontal axis is representing the time of the chronological events that had occurred in one day and the vertical axis is portraying the content of the event in four categories. There are vertical bars placed in each time slot, which contains each contents icon in segments. Every segment is color coordinated according to the content of the event. All the icons placed in the vertical bar show a visual representation of the activity, location and nature of the event. The experience has indeed brought to light the extent to which I am exposed to music in different aspects of life. For instance, as I listened to gospel uplifting songs in the morning as I took a shower, checked my emails and took breakfast, the uplifting music inspired me to take the day on a positive note. However, I had a different experience at 11.30 am as I listened to a catchy song albeit I could not understand the lyrics. Although I was walking the dog at this time, I found interesting music can actually be a distraction as I tried to multitask between listening to music, walking the dog, and watching out for passing vehicles and people. A sad song at midday suddenly brought sad moods to me as the same song was played at my best friend’s funeral a few years back. It is important to note how brain can store good and bad memories and retain a strong association with music (Meyer, 2008). Between 12.30 and 1.00 pm, I did not experience any form of music. However, I noted that lack of music actually helped me concentrate on a magazine I was reading during this time. At 1.30 pm, I overheard music from a class as I passed by a learning institution. Although the music was not interesting, it reminded me of good old days when we would recite the alphabet using songs in kindergarten. At this point, I came to reckon that music can be used to enhance the brain to understand

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