Thursday, September 12, 2019

Human Nature & Sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Human Nature & Sexuality - Essay Example Even though the author clearly stated the differences between the sexuality and reproduction of female animals and human beings in the sense that the human sexuality is free from hormonal dictation4 which is contrary to the case of female animals, discussing the female sexuality and reproduction of the different animal species such as rhesus monkeys, baboons, rats and chimpanzees among others in the book could cause some of the readers to initially think that the author is trying to stress or point out some similarity between the animals and humans by trying to make a comparison between the case of the female animals and human beings in terms of their physical, For instance, the author included in her example that female monkeys are also capable of mounting other monkeys in order for these monkeys to experience orgasm by getting enough stimulation from the other monkeys without the need for copulation.5 Similar to these monkeys, men and women are able to experience sexual orgasm by simply stimulating their genitalia (penis and clitoris) without going through any sexual intercourse.6 Although the author did not directly mention the similar acts of humans with the animals’ sexual behaviour, providing these two examples in her writings is nonverbally suggesting that there is in fact a similarity between the two by nature. The fact that the author discussed some observational explanation on the sexual behaviour of these animals makes the validity of her statement questionable considering the fact that human beings would not accurately know whether or not the female animals are indeed experiencing orgasm such as in the case of some women who tries to fake their orgasm in order to please their husbands or mate.

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