Friday, September 27, 2019

Why do women earn less than men examine the gender pay gap in an Essay

Why do women earn less than men examine the gender pay gap in an industry your choice and evaluate what can be done to close the pay gap - Essay Example Gender pay disparity has been associated to a number of factors, which have been discussed in various research publications. In this paper, the gender pay disparity within the healthcare industry will be evaluated based on the different professions within the industry and the disparity that exist in their pay. The paper will also discuss various approaches that can be used to seal the gender pay gap and create uniformity and motivation across the two genders. Within the healthcare industry, women have traditionally been considered to fit well into the nursing profession, an area that is considered auxiliary to the mainstream medical profession. As a result, nurses and other medical professionals such as clinical officers, laboratory technologists and other technical staff within the facility have a high population of women. However, access to equal educational opportunities has seen an increase in women medical doctors, men nurses and equal representation of the two genders in the different healthcare professions. Despite this gender progress, women have continued to receive minimal pay as compared to their male colleagues in the same job groups (Hook, Hagan, & Pettit, 2009). One of the core oiling factors in the gender inequality issue in or societies that have led to the determination of the responsibilities for the two genders is stereotypes. This has remained as the major determinant in the social inequality issue as it has continued to build on the perception that men are superior to women and should therefore be responsible for superior roles in the society. Our language that gives the male gender more dominance as compared to the male gender has supported this stereotype and this has led to a new definition for their roles (Caliendo, Lee & Mahlstedt, 2014). Women surgeons and doctors in the United States, for example, earn 71% of the total amount

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