Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Press Release Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Press Release - Essay Example Recognizing that fans are interested in more than just sports commentary, Fanzplanet (or Terry Davenport) provides an unparalleled forum for fan interaction. While traditional sports news sites only focus on major news elements, this new social network recognizes that the fan experience expands well beyond what happens between the start and end of the game. Within this spectrum of understanding there are a variety of specific elements that are implemented. As noted, the site implements social media and fan interaction as primary modes of operation. Curious about the atmosphere outside the Super Bowl or World Series? Fanzplanet allows fans to post tailgate, at-game, and home videos that record their game experiences. Fans can login and see actual videos of outside game events, then tune in on television and catch the game. There will even be Fan-Buzz cameras that capture exclusive interviews with fans at the game. In addition to video posting this site allows participants to blog and connect as part of a sports community. Traditional sporting news sites have largely operated to disseminate news, with commentary only as a second-thought. This site brings fan commentary and interaction to the foreground, as in-game blogging occurs allowing fans to directly interact and comment with each other on in-game occurrences. Fans can then add each other to communicate and debate over future games. This increased interactivity is not only informative, it allows fans to participate in the game in a way that brings the sports bar experience to their computer console. Ultimately, this site will be an exciting contribution to the sports and social networking landscape. For the casual and passionate fan, this site offers an unparalleled experience for all sporting experiences. Don’t miss out! Fans can also follow updates on twitter at http://twitter.com/fanzplanetfans and via their Facebook fans page at http://bit.ly/93KsFj. Members of Fanzplanet

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