Monday, September 23, 2019

Motives and Incentives and Their Impact On the Performance of Essay

Motives and Incentives and Their Impact On the Performance of Employees In Government Hospitals within The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Essay Example This research will begin with the statement that the modern business environment poses a significant challenge for businesses at both the local and international level. The global crisis has made it increasingly vital for organizations to take measures to ensure the life of their businesses, overcoming both internal and external operation factors to achieve revenue growth and corporate performance. It is widely agreed that effective management of one of the most important factors for organizations to stay profitable in a highly competitive global economy. These factors of production are the three M’s: materials, machine, and manpower. It is the last of these, the human resource of a company, which poses the biggest challenge. A motivated employee is a valuable asset that brings tremendous worth to an organization. This research will try to look into the style and strategies of Al-Amal Hospital in Jeddah, the company in focus, in dealing with their workforce and how their workf orce stays motivated and happy with their job. It is the purpose of this paper to identify the motivational strategies and incentives that would improve employee behavior in the workplace. The focus of this study will be an evaluation of the practices of hospitals in Saudi Arabia, particularly Al-Amal Hospital in Jeddah. This will include an evaluation of the employee motivation and incentive strategies available to Al-Jamal Hospital, how they were applied in the organization and the effectiveness of these approaches. As the data collected for random sampling will be from a single company, this study will be demographically limited. The opinions, feelings, beliefs, and situation of participants may, therefore, be insufficient to totally represent the situations at other hospitals in Saudi Arabia or the feeling of their employees toward motivation and incentives. In terms of the secondary data from the various literature, studies, and researchers, there is a potential risk of relying upon information that cannot be proven correct within the context of this study, given that the results will not be derived not from data based on empirical study.

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