Monday, August 26, 2019

Inquiry into Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Inquiry into Media - Essay Example It is also imperative to take some time to go and watch the affiliated film and make use of a graphic organizer to make comparative studies between the book and the film. After all these activities, the learner makes a discussion, sighting important scenes within the movie that paid attribute to improving the book and also giving examples of scenarios that were a bad idea. In the end, the involved parties select various scenes where their personal opinion is that it was not appropriately represented in the film, and this makes it easy for the leaner to present it as a theatre performance. The use of films in class has a lot of educative value, especially when one considers the examples of critical thinking in relation to the stories that are in the movies. When we add films to the curriculum, this provides an extension and expansion to learning experiences and openings for making intellectual connections for all interested parties. Therefore, this paper takes a looks into the prelimi nary part of the film Titanic produced in 1997 by James Cameron based on a book written in 1953. The primary focus of this essay is the Titanic and here it is the role of the student to explore ways that one may change some of the scenes to other forms of media such as articles, books, short stories or other films (Hockfield 13). The Titanic is a very good film that had the intention to capitulate and become one of the best photographic winning films of all times. The film cost an estimated $200 million plus that resulted in the blinding the critics and audiences, where they were overcome with delight that it was possible to direct and produce a smart action-packed movie. As a result, the movie turned out interestingly and surprisingly great, and Titanic t-shirt wear, posters, calendars, soundtracks, documentaries, and interviews became the order of the day. As one decides to go and watch the film, it is important to distance oneself from these opinions and come to a conclusion afte r a close encounter with the characters and the ideas that the director was critically attempting to reveal. Many people refer to it as the best film they have ever seen. The ship sails through the Atlantic Ocean, and the tragic end started when the machine hit the tip of an iceberg and started sinking. The most remarkable characters that stand out are a poor chap named Jack and a very rich lady named Rose. The wealthy Rose came to America to get hitched after the death of her father, who left her penniless. The two young people met and defy all odds of the social classes and ultimately fall in love. There is a catch; they have to do it in the shadows because, apparently, the rich and the poor have a stigma that occurs in their existence. It is an emotional depiction of love and romance that takes place on a doomed ship that is 46,000 tons of pure steel that seemed undoubtedly unsinkable. One of the characters survived, and one is always wishing that there are two survivors who leav e the audience in awe at the love and romance that sparks between them. It is not a new thing to find an individual crying in these types of films. Jack and Rose are the most breathe-taking leading characters that have a love that is in disguise as they are of different social classes and who are even on different classes onboard the ship.

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