Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Regulatory challenges raised by an increasingly wireless world Essay

Regulatory challenges raised by an increasingly wireless world - Essay Example This popularity is attributed to the recent discoveries and accomplishments done in the field of mobile communications such as mobile phones. Private firms are expected to invest at least 18 million in the United to States for the development of the next step in cutting edge wireless and mobile technologies (Frieden). One example that provides consumers of wireless communications a wide variety of advantages is the use of prepaid call cards. Like credit cards, prepaid cards eliminate the need to carry around cash often. It also allows the consumer to control his or her cell phone service expenditures. Advancement in wireless technology is "climate proofing", where wireless communication devices are designed to fit the climatic conditions of the country they are to be distributed and marketed to ("A social ecology of wireless technology"). Currently, the U.S. is still far away from its dream of being the wireless communication heaven that it envisions around the turn of the 21st century. Wireless communications today is not just limited to voice calls and the introduction of SMS, MMS and IM have already gained some leverage in significant market spots as well as providing consumers more communication options. Other wireless options aside from SMS, MMS and IM available are mobile games, MP3's and other non-communication applications are popular today ("U.S. Wireless Business Users.."). Type of Device Wireless Users Expect to Use Device Next 12Months Next 24 Months Data-centric 39% 19% Voice-centric 43% 72% Desktop/Notebook PC 10% 4% Other 9% 5% Source: ResearchPortal.com Furthermore the advent of convergence all over the world has spurned several useful applications. Among these is the ability to avail of different communication services across several formats and platforms. These leaps and bounds in technology has been sped up by the liberalization of international trade which permitted the advancement of international digital communications networks which puts forward several services and options beyond their national limits (Gillwald). The need for regulating the wireless world Breakthroughs and advancements in technology start with the inventor developing his invention in the hopes that he can sell it for profit. When the development of the new technology is successful, the new product is eventually introduced in the market and several trade and intellectual laws and regulations are applied to it. The acquisition of a paten may take a long time or may only be possible under certain circumstances. Today, the digital work is in constant risk of being attacked by unscrupulous people, particularly hackers who deliberately alter or destroy crucial data as it please them. Hacking may lead into bigger conflicts,

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