Thursday, August 8, 2019

Politics and culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Politics and culture - Essay Example The comparison will be between ‘Five Faces of Oppression, by Iris Young and ‘The Creation of Patriarchy’ By Gerda Lerner. Iris Young’s article explains the five types of abuse that include; exploitation, violence marginalization, cultural imperialism, and powerlessness (Lerner, 1993).1 However, Gerda Lerner’s mainly explores the origin of women’s subsidiary roles to men in society. Learner’s article mainly focuses on the Neolithic period. During this period, women were exchanged between tribes for pragmatism purposes. However, for the purposes of this essay and argument, this paper will discuss and focus on the aspect and issues of cultural imperialism and exploitation as put forth by Gerda Young comparatively against Iris Young opinions. In the natural and conventional wisdom, it refers to the fact that section or part of the society would feel superior and domineering or overbearing over and above the others. This happens in the instances where a part of the world would feel that their lifestyle and the way in which they live is the best, and the cultures of other people are inferior. Thus, in the tail end, it follows that the people who feel that their culture or in principle their way of life is the superior start to impose on the others. In so doing, they would start to coerce and intimidate others whom they consider culturally inferior to change and embrace their lifestyle and method of lifestyle. The same also extends to the gender roles where the males domineer or pose an overbearing approach to the lives of women. This happens since the men in most cases seek to define and control what ought to constitute the gender performance and role of the women (Lerner, 2005).2 For instance the men may seek to define the roles or women relative to domestic and office duties. This is where the men may seek to dominate or use their conventional masculine ability to control and impose

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