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Modern Art Periods Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Modern Art Periods - Assignment Example The paper "Modern Art Periods" investigates modern art and periods of it. Here will be discovered such movements as cubism, impressionism, and post-impressionism. The Stagecoach at Louveciennes is a painting which represents the impressionism. In essence, Impressionism transcended boundaries and traditions that had characterized art and pioneered the emergence of new and radical forms of art. The tendency by the impressionist artists to paint outdoors was also considered radical since most artists were used to painting indoors and then allowed the painting to dry gradually. However, impressionist artists preferred painting indoors. In addition, impressionism art avoided the use of symmetry in looking at most of the paintings of the landscapes one realizes that they preferred asymmetry but still managed to maintain balance. Figure 2 adapted from Impressionist Paintings shows an example of an impressionist’s depiction of a spring landscape. Impressionism redefined art through th e use of light and visual effects and the tendency to paint outdoors and a significant number of impressionism paintings depict landscapes. In depicting landscapes the impressionism artists employed asymmetry about an object like a tree. The utilization of space was done uniformly demonstrating a tendency to create balance. Figure 3 adapted from Impressionism Paintings, shows how the garden has been visually harmonized by the trees in the background. Manet’s painting style was always considered to be controversial. ... Perhaps one single impressionist artist that share many similarities with Manet is Edgar Degas. Both artists hailed from wealthy families and their paintings were often done luxuriously in places like racecourses. In fact when the two met Edgar influenced Manet to adopt a more impressionist approach in art. The artists share some similarities and difference in their style of painting. Figure 4: Daughter of Jephtha by Edgar Degas In figure 4 adopted from Blacksheep, one realizes that Degas occasionally painted from a historical perspective demonstrated by the Bibilical depiction in the painting. Degas also preferred the use of deep and dull colors. His paintings also brought about an important aspect of impressionism; depiction of movement. On the other hand as depicted in Figure 5 adopted from Blacksheep, Manet preferred the use of brigher and huge chunks of colors. Manet wlaso avoided historical paintings. Figure 5: The Absinthe Drinker Claude Monet contributed to suburban realism b y constantly providing a vivid depiction of the suburban places he had visited and the feelings the paintings had elicited within him. Monet’s depiction of the suburban areas was characterized by paintings indicating the simple pleasures of suburban areas where nature met with the emerging civilization. Figure 6 adapted from Claude Monet's Paintings, shows one of his paintings depicting pleasure boats at Argentueil. Monet uses light to depict the emerging civilization and its pleasures and dull colors to depict the tranquility of nature. In essence, the juxtaposition of nature and civilization as depicted by Monet provide new avenues of adventure by artists. Figure 6: Pleasure Boats at Argentueil

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