Monday, August 12, 2019

Quality of education in post-conflict in Rwanda and post-disasters in Essay

Quality of education in post-conflict in Rwanda and post-disasters in Pakistan - Essay Example Education can spare and support lives, offering physical, cognitive and psychosocial security when conveyed in protected, nonpartisan spaces. Education restores routine and gives individuals trust for the future; it can likewise serve as a channel both for meeting other essential compassionate needs and conveying basic messages that advance security and prosperity. During conflicts and catastrophes, education systems, students and personnel suffer the effects of the conflicts and catastrophes and forced displacement. Some of these effects include, loss of life, loss of property and loved ones, loss of educational opportunities, and mass rape and other sexual violence which is as a result of alteration of the school programs. Conflicts and catastrophes intensify inequality, disrupts the whole society. This can have severe psychological effects particular to the children who are in school (Schweisfurth, 2006). However, not having enough education worsens security and deepens poverty in a country. The presence of unequal education opportunities fuels a sense of injustice and grievances. Education of terrible quality can be exceedingly divisive, especially if choices about educational module content, course books or dialect of guideline prohibit or permit denunciation of some social gatherings, and if education strengthens messages that savagery i s a worthy answer to individual, social or political issues. Education has vast value for its own sake. This means that all young people and children, including those that have been affected by conflict and catastrophes have the right to receive a quality education. Nevertheless, education is needed in emergency setting to prepare the society for ultimate post-disaster and post-conflict reconstruction and social-economic development (Jones, 2006). Balanced development with economic development obliges that young people of all social, ethnic, religious and

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